Monday, 22 October 2007

Inputting HTML examples without it being coded

How do you put html coding in a post - such as <strong> - without blogger or whatever WYSIWYG editor actually interpreting it as real code rather than a sample you are trying to display

Possibly the most boring post of all time but my excuse is somebody asked me how i did it. Why my kind friend told me verbally as opposed to leaving a comment on the relevant post is beyond me and totally against the principle of Web 2.0. I've told you before, I'm writing a blog, you can't speak to me in real life!

Anyway all you have to do is put in the appropriate html code for each symbol as opposed to the symbol itself. So if you want '<strong>' then you need to actually put into your post &#60;strong&#62;. This is because < is &#60; in html coding. The code for the symbols is standardised by ISO-8859-1 and click on the following for the full list of all the symbols or the 'HTML Coded Character Set' as it's called.


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