Friday, 19 October 2007

Steve McLaren should write Alf Ramsay's biography

OK, this is nothing to do with Web 2.0 but it is pertinent to my life and i've nowhere else to write it and it needs to written!

England lost to Russia on Wednesday night in the Euro qualifiers severly denting their chances of qualification into Euro 2008. The papers are calling for Steve McLaren's head if England don't qualify and many factors are being blamed for England poor qualifying campaign.

However it seems clear to me that within any team the manager gets better with time. Look at Ferguson for Man Utd and Wenger at Arsenal, both been there for years and their teams perform well season upon season. And don't forget that Ferguson was appalling in his first season at Man Utd. I think McLaren is getting better with each game and now a year in, he's starting to get the team working.

So my solution:
  • No manager can be sacked for two years unless he fails a number of criteria (such as not winning against Macedonia - joke)
  • Every new England manager is tasked with writing the biography of a previous England manager's time in charge of the country.

They've got loads of spare time so it's not as if they can't fit it in and by doing so they'll learn some of the mistakes previous managers make. The general public will also get an insightful biography and the FA can make a bit of cash (like they need it). Everyone wins!

So i eagerly wait for McLaren's first installment, of "Alf Ramsey, the man who won"...


gZa said...

Steve McClaren: The Man Who Lost
A Biography

Won nothing as a player, won League Cup with Middlesbrough and got them to a UEFA cup final. Won nothing with Enlgand. Purposely didn't resign in order to collect £2m pay off (so not as daft as he looks). The End

Where do I sign, Mr Barwick?

T. C. Bunstead said...

The interesting bit in the SM biog being what next?! 'Some highs and lows managing Yeovil Town, followed by fairly well paid post as chief exec of the FA.'

Is it just me or has SM's alcohol-tinted face got a remarkably similar tinge to that of Brian Barwick?