Friday, 12 October 2007

Don't make me think

If you haven't read "Don't make me think" by Steve Krug and you work with websites please do and then return once you have!

The amount of websites that have no relation to the purpose they are trying to achieve is just ridiculous.

The sad thing is that you don't need any special equipment, skills or time really to improve a lot of these sites. Yes sometimes you can be restricted by dodgy CMS (Content Management Systems) or the page is built without CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) but for sites like the New Zealand one mentioned above all you have to do is rearrange the information better. It's that simple! Honest! I've tried it (and I'm a donut).

I finish with some wisdom from Krug's book:

"When a cat is dropped, it always lands on its feet, and when toast is dropped, it always lands with the buttered side facing down. I propose to strap buttered toast to the back of a cat; the two will hover, spinning, inches above the ground. With a giant buttered cat array, a high-speed monorail could easily link New York with Chicago." - John Frazee

I've just searched for this quote on Google and found a whole world of buttered cat paradox sites, scary...

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