Thursday, 25 October 2007

I'm being stalked by CRM systems

I've just moved jobs and had to phone up our email marketing supplier to book into a training course.

I couldn't get through so i left my name and was told someone would ring me back.

Half an hour later somebody phoned me. The first thing they said was, "Your name is Ed Sexton? Did you work at Reed before working on i-think?".

I was slightly freaked out, replied in the affirmative and the man i was speaking to then explained to me: "I thought so, I looked up your name on our CRM system before i rang you. You were on the system after you contacted us in 2006 to test our system out for your last company. We're now following your career!"

I laughed and laughed till my head exploded after this comment. I really have travelled to 1984.

Incidentally I didn't actually use them after testing their system for my previous company. How these things come round.

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