Tuesday, 17 February 2009

16 weird but amusing Twitterer accounts

There are loads of weird Twitterers on Twitter that aren't 'real people'. Here are my top 16 weird, strange but interesting and occasionally amusing Twitterers.

1. NASA - Many of NASA's projects, robots and spaceships are twittering. My favourites being the Mars Rovers. Unfortunately it's not written from the rover's point of view but via the team on earth, still interesting though.
"Better news from Spirit: She found the sun, just not where she expected. I'm sure it happens to all of us :) Diagnosis continues."
The Twitterzoo of animals are in the main particularly boring, probably as they're relying on the wit of their owners as opposed to the animal's own sense of humour. Something i feel would be hilarious but obviously restricted by the difficulty cats find typing. A selection of the better include:

2. Ghost of Peter, ghostofpeter - a deceased cat
"Having a cat icon/avatar does not make you a cat. Peeps with cat pics need to self-identify as NON-CATS, cause it's confusing. Really."
Rudy the Parrot in suitcase3. Rudy the Parrot, RudyTheParrot - does some good twitpicing
"i found another cave! THIS ONE HAS WHEELS http://is.gd/jKY7"
4. Sockington the Cat, sockington - one of the better tweeting 'alive' cats
"waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting ah here you are JUMPING UP THE STAIRCASE AWAY FROM YOU wasn't that awesome"
5. Ridley the Dog, ridley - Not as good as the cat, plus seems more like a dog obsessed owner than somebody really understanding the mind of a canine, i prefer his twittering tongue.

6. Gallacher the Horse, Gallacher_Horse - do i need explain?
"I had to chase a big duck out my field today. It looked like it was up to no good. It should stay on the pond. Fields aren't for swimming in"
Whale at Museum of National History, New York 7. Whale at the Museum of Natural History in New York, nathistorywhale - the deadest of all the animals has the most character.
"Just saw a boy put his gum in his sister's hair and she didn't notice! Kinda wish I could follow them out of this room to see what happens."
8. A guys liver - iamgordonsliver
"I can't feel my fingers!!! Oh wait, I don't have any."
There's also a lot of film and TV characters on Twitter, the 'official' ones tend to peddle DVDs and cinema releases and in the whole don't provide the real character you'd hope twitter could expose. The fake ones on the other hand have no boundaries, which is nice.

9. Indiana Jones, IndianaJones - official (i think)
"At a midnight showing of my new documentery... there are alot of people here dressded like me so no one has recognized me yet!"
10. Darth Vader, darthvader - fake?
"Come to the Dark Side: We have Cake - http://bit.ly/YVOj"
11. Borat, Borat
"wtf my cat turned into christian bale and knocked over my lamp."
You can go wild on this line of Twitter thinking with this post on more fictional characters and another on fake twitterers, characters and people.

Now onto automated Twitterers, these are not people pretending to be animals, characters or robots but non-human Twitterers that run themselves, as if by magic.

12. Plants that Tweet - The plant twitter phenomenon was started by New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program Botanicalls group. They sell a Botanicalls Kit that lets your plant tell you when it needs watering based on moisture levels. See the original, pothos, in action.
"You didn't water me enough."
Tower Bridge 13. Tower Bridge, London, towerbridge - An automated Twitter-bridge that muses on the comings and goings of ships.
"I am opening for the SB Will, which is passing upstream."
Update: 13.5! London Bridge, London, ImLondonBridge - A piss taking bridge that directs a lot of abuse at TowerBridge.
"Yaaaaawn. That was a good sleep. What did I miss? Did @towerbridge do something interesting? No, I expect not."
14. Retweeters - There's a few twitter accounts set up purely to retweet other users based on the content. A funny and admittedly childish one is farted, the tweets on the page should explain which word it's retweeting.
"Someone, not me, just farted in at Leon. It stinks a lot."
15. Turn your lights off - Not a twitterer as such but a method to turn off your house lights using twitter.

16. Bizarre news, offbeat - An honourable mention goes to Offbeat News, a Twitterer providing a whole host of links to middle of newspaper, cat up a tree style news.
"Thousands of shoes tie up Miami freeway http://bit.ly/YTf2"
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