Friday, 21 November 2008

A tea mat with sugar and milk preferences

For part two of my tea-related internet sites I bring you the amazing! Enter your colleagues names and tea (or coffee) preferences and get a mat for your tea tray.
A tea stain mat and a Chomp bar
Which would you choose?
Chomp or mat?

Never again will you have to scribble down everyone's needs on a manky post-it note or god forbid, try to remember what everyone wants.

The only thing that makes this invention maybe less clever is the fact that when you make your tea-stain mat you'll find they want £5.99 off you so they can post it out. I was expecting a PDF so I could print it out myself! Grr...

And what happens when someone is made redundant (a real risk in the current economic climate)? Do I have to go back to tea stain and spend another £5.99 removing them from the tea mat? And with less people in my team the price we'll have to pay each for the joy of having a tea mat will increase. I know that many people in my team will baulk at the suggestion that I want £1.20 off them to update our tea mat. You could buy 12 Chomps for that price.

This invention has failed at the final hurdle I’m sad to say...

Back to the manky post-it note - now that WAS a good invention.

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