Monday, 12 January 2009

A tea colour chart on a mug

MyCuppaTea - the colour matching tea chart mugPart three of my tea-related internet sites moves further away from any vague link the previous posts might have had to internet marketing. This is just a mug for sale on the internet.

A very clever mug though, it avoids the problem of tea-making imbeciles incorrectly mixing the milk and tea by giving them a colour chart to create that perfect colour and taste.

My personal preference is for about half way between milky and classic British. The only problem i can see is that the strength of tea isn't mentioned. You can obviously get a milky tea by making strong tea and adding lots of milk. But you can also get the same colour by having very weak tea and adding very little milk.

So to avoid this problem, i have an ingenius tip. Tell the tea maker the time the tea bag should stay in the cup and the quantity of stirs and squeezes then all they have to do is add appropriate milk to reach the desired colour.

Or, and this is a far more ridiculous suggestion, you make the tea yourself.

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