Thursday, 3 April 2008

10 things you'll never hear a web marketer say

That's right it's the top phrases (or 'keyquotes') to have never passed the lips of a groovy web 2.0er.

  1. I've just been given a larger budget than the offline team.
  2. Of course you can use 'click here' as your link anchor text, that would be very original.
  3. AltaVista provides the most comprehensive search experience on the Web! (incidentally this is the Altavista tagline)
  4. Yes i'd be happy to work within the IT team.
  5. I fully support the use of double spaces, italics and all caps in online copy.
  6. A suit is a more appropriate form of office apparel than jeans.
  7. How about we try some hidden text?
  8. Woohoo, my network connection's dead!
  9. Need more hits, let's pay for some banner ads.
  10. I've got a degree in web marketing.

Can anyone think of any more? To be followed up by '10 things you'll hear a web marketer say and won't understand'...

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