Thursday, 8 November 2007

A good use of flash

Flash is cool, flash is funky, however it just annoys me. It provides barriers to entering websites, navigation menus fly back and forwards under your mouse. Have you ever used a particularly sensitive flash website when your mouse is on the blink? It's like trying to disarm a bomb with a shaky hand.

Anyway i've found an example of good use of flash. This interactive graphic on the FT website explains the credit squeeze and why Northern Rock subsequently went down the pan. This subject is extremely dry and I didn't understand it in any way. After using this graphic i still don't understand the subject completely but I could probably blag my way through a conversation.

My only complaint about this graphic would be that it is dependant on sound - annoying when you work in an office and don't have your headphones. Perhaps some sort of text based explanation to go with the graphic would have helped.

Now to clarify, flash doesn't annoy me all the time i'm mainly talking about flash use as integral parts of websites (grr!) and as a substitute for something far simpler like an animated gif or just well written text (aaah) - Flash hinders accessibility in these cases. However, I would never diss the use of flash for amusing and silly animations, badger badger badger.

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