Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Aren't Google Alerts clever?

I've just discovered Google Alerts. For those who like me before yesterday, are unaware of the usefulness of this cunning little gadget let me tell you using my two days of experience.

You type in a search term, for example one of mine is "web marketing", and then every day (or however often you specify), Google sends you a lovely little email containing recent blog posts and news regarding this subject.

Previous to this breakthrough i used to keep up to date through a selection of RSS feeds on my iGoogle page, by having a quick dabble on search engines once every couple of weeks, maybe receive some useful emails from friends, read a bit here and there in magazines not targeted at web (such as Marketing and Marketing Week) e.t.c.

Now i get some nice summaries every day, inevitably i click through to two or three and then due to the nature of blogs i also end up wandering through some other posts linked from these.

I'm now far more in the loop than i was before as most mornings I do 15 minutes of really relevant surfing, not to mention still doing everything that i did before on an ad hoc basis.

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