Thursday, 16 October 2008

What does for SEO and keywords

I've just put through SEOQuake (a handy Firefox plugin that provides keyword density and meta information) as part of my previous post about page title tags. I wanted to see whether Google used the <meta name=title> tag or not (it doesn't).
Google Queen Elizabeth logo doodle
Search royalty

What i found was the following:

Title tag: "Google"
Meta keywords: None
Meta description: None

Keyword density
Number of words on 56
Just 3 words are repeated more than once and they are:
  • "Web"
  • "Search"
  • "Google" (and "Google" is also in the title tag)
It's that simple. Google's home page is very clear about its purposes and I am in no doubt that the fact the above three words are the only duplicated ones is not an accident.

I wouldn't recommend leaving out keywords or descriptions for any site, however i also wouldn't tell Pele how to play football. Google owns search, they can do what they want, and when it comes to their home page the content is all that matters. I'm sure they might have a couple of links to boost their search rankings too...

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1 comment:

Chris Wheeler said...

Google are the biggest search engine, they do not need to do SEO on their own homepage... More likely they will be micro-optimising it for the fastest load times...