Friday, 21 December 2007

Pick up the batphone

We have an incoming line to our team in the office for any customers having trouble logging into their online account/profile e.t.c. It's known as the batphone.

I found this very amusing, but it's not original; corporate batphones appeared on Wikipedia twelve months ago. Nevertheless 'batphone' is now up there with 'spam' in my favourite web buzzwords.

Why do IT people use comic book words for everything?
In my last job whenever someone from the IT department logged in as administrator to install a programme or release the child lock the password they used was one of or a combination of the following: be0wulf, sp1derman, wolver1ine, sup3rman.

Now surely this must stop in the interests of corporate security. If someone like Stan Lee decided to become a hacker he'd have access to half of the capitalist world in less than a month.

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