Thursday, 2 August 2007

Stop poking me, I'm bored of Facebook

Well i can't have a blog on Web 2.0 without mentioning Facebook. But who doesn't know anything about Facebook? Well my uncle actually, to whom i spent 5 minutes last weekend explaining what it is, I promptly gave up when i realised he didn't use the internet.

From my experience of it, Facebook seems to be the new mobile phone. If you don't have one you miss out. Depite that Facebook is losing it's appeal for me. Yes it's nice to be able to be in a network with friends, tag pictures and not since FriendsReunited first started have I been in touch with so many people i'd lost contact with but i can replicate all the uses of Facebook far better in other ways:
  • Tagging photos of friends - Get a flickr account. You can tag, you can have albums, you can organise, you can link to friends and best of all it keeps the full size image!
  • Messaging - Use email of course! The advantages being blatantly obvious, such as anyone can email you not just facebook members, you have an email address, and you can access it easier (for those people who have facebook banned at work). And anyway, Facebook emails you when you get a message, so just cut out the middle man!
  • Hearing from old friends - Keep in better contact with people by phoning them up or even... meeting up in real life with them. Most of the time if i've lost contact with someone, there's a bloody good reason.
  • Gifts - How about physical gifts? A real bunch of flowers.
  • Applications - Buy a Wii. Or Scrabble.
  • The Wall - a. Use email, cc everyone in, reply all. b. buy a cork board and some drawing pins.
  • Get spyed on by your boss - Regularly email him/her pictures of yourself in compromising situations. Give him/her access to your outlook calendar, and the cork board.
  • Poking - ...
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